Polar-bear tours in a tundra buggy

For a brief time in the late fall, witness the magnificent polar bears of Churchill congregate round the mouth of the Hudson Bay, waiting for their seal hunt to begin. Here, visitors are offered unparalleled opportunities to see the bears up close in their natural environment, from specially designed vehicles called "tundra buggies."

Polar bears walk by a Tundra Buggy on the ice in Churchill

What is a tundra buggy, and why is it so popular with visitors to Churchill, Manitoba? Simply put, tundra buggies are the best way to explore the Canadian Arctic and see the wide variety of wildlife that inhabit this area. If you and your family are planning a vacation near Hudson Bay, make sure you don't miss out on this unique and exciting opportunity! 

The tundra buggy offers people safe passage through the Polar Bear's domain. The tires of the vehicle are heavily treaded and stand 5 and 1/2 feet tall. This ensures that the tundra buggy can move safely over arctic snow and ice and keeps passengers safely out of a polar bear's reach.

The body of the vehicle is very wide and allows people to get a clear view of their surroundings on either side. Guests are invited to stand on the open-air back end of the tundra buggy during stops. This allows you to safely get the closest view possible of a polar bear in its natural habitat.

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Why should visitors use the tundra buggy?

The polar bear has gained a lot of attention over the past few years due to a growing concern about the species' future. According to many experts, at least 5 of the world's 19 polar bear subpopulations are disappearing. It is believed that human activities have led to an increase in annual, global temperatures. As a result, the sea ice that many bears call home has started to vanish.

These findings are alarming, and many are feeling the urge to see polar bears in their natural habitat before it is too late. Luckily, Churchill (also known as the "Polar Bear Capitol of the World" and its surrounding area are used as migration paths for over 1,200 of these beasts. The tundra buggy offers tourists a chance to travel great distances and get a safe look at hundreds of these magnificent creatures.

Safety is key when in the presence of polar bears. Popular culture portrays the animal as cute and cuddly (think of Coca Cola's Christmas ads as an example). In all actuality, these are the world's largest land carnivores, and they can be extremely dangerous if approached without the proper precautions.

Polar bears are neither territorial, nor overly aggressive. A well-fed bear will rarely attack a human. But if the animals are hungry (such as those that are migrating through Churchill to find a winter meal) they could act spontaneously.

Bring extra batteries and chargers

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Batteries drain faster on your tour because of the colder temperatures. Having backups will ensure your camera is always ready to go for any photo opportunities.

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