Best bear tours in Canada: see grizzlies and polar bears

Canada is filled with wide-open spaces overflowing with a diversity of wildlife. No tours represent this better than our polar bear tours and grizzly viewing adventures. See the grizzly bears of the lush Great Bear Rainforest gorge themselves during the annual salmon run. From here, travel to the unforgiving arctic ecosystem of Canada’s Hudson Bay, where polar bears prowl the barren Tundra waiting for seal hunting season to begin.

A grizzly bear mother and her cubs in the Grear Bear Rainforest.

The unique Pacific rainforest ecosystem of British Columbia is home to many grizzly bears and black bears. Located within easy reach of cosmopolitan Vancouver, BC, the rainforest is exactly where you want to be when the salmon run gets underway and bears flock to the riverside to feast on wild salmon. Then head to Churchill, Manitoba, known as the polar bear capital of the world, for the ultimate bear-viewing vacation. 

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While you're in British Columbia on your Canada bear tour, take a day to admire the scenery and the marine wildlife of the province. Orca whales, humpback whales and minke whales are all frequent visitors to Johnson Strait, BC and you'll also see bald eagles, seals, dolphins and other Pacific Canadian wildlife.

After a night's rest and recreation in Vancouver, it's time to see the polar bears; you'll take a flight to Winnipeg, Manitoba. This city on the Canadian prairie has many sightseeing, dining, shopping and entertainment options to explore, but don't stay too long; Canada's polar bears are expecting you! Your next stop on your Canada polar bear vacation is Churchill, MB, known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World".

You can travel from Winnipeg, MB to Churchill, Manitoba by air or by rail. A trip to Churchill, MB by rail is a relaxing one which allows you to rest up and watch the landscape changing from prairie to woodlands to tundra – but if you're in a hurry, you can catch a flight and arrive in Churchill in no time.

Churchill, Manitoba, the "Polar Bear Capital of the World"

Churchill, Manitoba is located on the southern shores of the Hudson Bay, where over a thousand polar bears arrive each year in late October where they rest, play and wait for the Bay to freeze so they can continue their annual migration. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced; only in Churchill, MB can you see polar bears in these numbers all in one place.

You'll probably want to jump in the nearest tundra buggy and start your polar bear watching the second you arrive; but there are a few things you should see and do in Churchill, MB including an Inuit art museum, the natural history exhibits of the Parks Canada Centre and if the snows have started to arrive, a ride on a dog sled is not to be missed. Don't forget to look up either! Manitoba's Hudson Bay region is home to many species of waterfowl and other birds and on a clear night, you'll be able to see the Northern Lights! It's just the right finishing touch on a perfect Canadian vacation.

Stay alert for other wildlife

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Although you'll be looking for grizzly bears, keep your eyes open for other wildlife. You may spot wolves, otters, bald eagles, black bears, pine martins and mink.

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A grizzly bear running through the water with a salmon in its mouth

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